If you want your book to stand out from the sea of book covers that look the same— look no further!

As an illustrator and artist in animation, I’ve helped plenty of clients and directors bring their vision to life. I enjoy the challenge of creating images that tell a story, as I consider myself a storyteller.

My experience working on a wide variety of animated projects has honed my skills, making me a versatile artist with a broad stylistic range.

Why hire me?

Because I believe that every book is unique and deserves a cover that represents just that. Unlike the AI, I won’t just use a style that looks like every other book cover out there. As a flesh and blood artist, I have the ability to create original artwork, as well as conveying real human emotions through art. 

I draw inspiration not only from the current trends, but also from classic art and XX century illustration.

How I work?

First, I listen to what you have in mind, what the book needs and what inspires you. Then I’ll brainstorm with you and share some ideas of my own until we are able to put into words a solid concept for the illustration. This will ensure that the artwork moves towards that direction at every step of the process. 

What’s my rate? 

My rate starts at US$550 and turnaround time is usually 2 weeks. This may increase depending on the complexity of the illustration. 

Feel free to browse through my gallery to see more samples of my work.

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