About me

I'm an animator and illustrator from Mexico City.

I studied classical animation at VanArts and CG animation at Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver.

Later, I went back to my home country where I worked in Anima Estudios as an animator mostly for 4 years, partaking in projects such as El Chavo Animado, Don Gato la película, El Santos vs. La Tetona Mendoza, Teenage Fairytale Dropouts and Los Guardianes de Oz. 

I'm a self-taught illustrator for the most part. Even though I've been drawing from a very early age, I didn't take it seriously until I was already working professionally as an animator. So it was in 2011 when I decided to take my digital painting skills to a whole new level and attended the 4-week Imaginism workshop in Toronto.

Afterwards I became even more obsessed with lighting, value, colour and composition.

As a freelance artist. I've worked on several projects such as short films, feature films and live shows, digital painting tutorials for magazines and  characters for advertising.

My work has been featured in Exposé 11 by Ballistic Publishing, and 2dartist mag and Digital Painting Techniques by 3dtotal. I am currently working on my first self-published art book that I successfully crowdfunded.

As of now, I work for an animation studio in Vancouver.